It is often said that whilst security and protective design is making advances, the threats are also concurrently evolving to circumvent these. Thus it is imperative for a company like KCPT to continually develop innovative solutions through R&D and training in response to changing threat environment and also achieve better integration of protective systems with a building’s design and operations.

We cover R&D and training in specialized areas like blast, shock and impact loads; risk assessment and mitigation concepts; perimeter defence design and analysis; high-fidelity physics-based modelling, high performance structural engineering design, etc.

Explosive and Impact Testing

As a testament to KCPT’s commitment to best-in-class solutions, a key area of its validation is Explosive and Impact Testing. This is conducted on various scales at designated physical test sites for the latest innovations in:

  • Structural components
  • Architectural elements
  • Glass Facades
  • New Construction
  • Retrofit Applications
  • Anti-crash and anti-ram bollards, barriers, and fencing
  • Etc.


KCPT advocates education of Clients and industry stakeholders as this process keeps us at the cutting edge. The team of senior security professionals is regularly involved in industry seminars/conferences and training of Client companies’ employees in Singapore and internationally, on strategic security planning and best practices as part of a holistic protective design solution. We also value the two-way interaction with Clients who often set the bar higher with their new knowledge.

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Master Planning
  • Blast Effect Analysis
  • Blast Mitigation Designs
  • Client management seminars
  • Operations training and workshops